What are we looking for?  Original unpublished horror novels (or long novellas) for our mid-2018/early 2019 schedule

Submission Period: August 1-31, 2017.  It will be extended if needed.

  • If you try to cut the line and send it early, I will Bloodshot Books Red Eye - 150return it and probably remember you as “that annoying person who can’t follow guidelines”
  • Do not ask me any questions without reading this entire open call first.  Multiple times, if necessary. If you ask me anything that is listed below, I will simply direct you back to this page.
  • If your novel is not finished, DO NOT submit it.

Length:30K to 120K. Please query for longer. Nothing shorter will be considered

Manuscripts in the following subgenres will be favored, but we are willing consider other subjects:

  • Coming of Age Horror
  • Creature horror (cryptids/multicultural myths especially interest us)
  • Scifi Horror
  • Supernatural horror
  • Apocalyptic TEOTWAWKI scenarios
  • Weird west/other historical horror


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Today you can listen to Jay Kay and I discuss and dissect my debut novel published by Pete Kahle’s Bloodshot Books, THE BOULEVARD MONSTER, on the HORROR HAPPENS RADIO SHOW. The live show runs from 3-7 PM EST. A full list of other guests, an estimated timeline, and listening options are in the link below. I had a blast chatting with Jay, and I hope you enjoy the show!

SHARE, SUPPORT & LISTEN to Episode 225 on Tues July 11 from 3-7 PM EST on / also via the TuneIn APP

(Guests and times are tentative)
325: Discussing his debut #horror feature film Safe Place with Filmmaker Nick Hunt
410: Discussing the Fifth Anniversary of Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z with Founder Todd Staruch
450: Discussing his latest horror novel “The Boulevard Monster” through Bloodshot Books with Author Jeremy Hepler
535: Discussing the five year anniversary of the essential perspective on some of the greatest horror minds and the reasons that shapes horror in the book Shock Value with Author Jason Zinoman
620: Discussing his latest film Dig Two Graves with Filmmaker Hunter Adams


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The Liars Club Oddcast #024 | Chuck Wendig, Writer, Game Designer, Blogger — Project Entertainment Network

The science fiction/urban fantasy author and blogger behind the popular writing blog Terrible Minds talks about his New York Times best selling books, how game design influenced his process, and how he deals with fan worship. Recorded May 2017 Check out this episode of The Liars Club Oddcast!

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Horror After Dark Reviews THE BOULEVARD MONSTER

Kim posted her review for THE BOULEVARD MONSTER over at HORROR AFTER DARK this morning. It’s one of my favorite reviews yet. There’s a link to full review below. Here’s an excerpt:
“I simply cannot say enough about the incredible detail that Seth’s character embodies–especially as this was my first taste of Hepler’s storytelling ability. It takes, in my opinion, an incredible amount of talent to bring a fictional person to life so convincingly in a reader’s mind that one could feel as though we know him, personally; yet the author pulls this off with perfection.”



Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews Take on The Boulevard Monster

“Jeremy Hepler has arrived! The Boulevard Monster is his debut book, but it didn’t feel like a debut at all!”

Link to full review:

Glenn Rolfe’s Review of THE BOULEVARD MONSTER

I KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD ABOUT ME You say that I am a madman. You say that I am dangerous. You say that I am the one who has been abducting women, slaughtering them, and burying their corpses all around this city for years. You are wrong, because only part of that statement is […]

via (REVIEW) THE BOULEVARD MONSTER by Jeremy Hepler — Glenn Rolfe

Book review: The Boulevard Monster – Jeremy Hepler

Another Great Review for THE BOULEVARD MONSTER!!

Grim Reader Reviews

34675134The Boulevard Monster is the first book I’ve read by author Jeremy Hepler. Published through Bloodshot Books, it is a strong novel told in the first person, something I’m not always too keen on. Hepler’s tale holds together well and the first person pov is something that I enjoyed in this particular story. The Boulevard Monster is a tale of greed and temptation with Seth Fowler as our narrator, an unreliable one at that. When the chance to earn some extra cash presents itself from a strange figure called Luther, Fowler finds the opportunity too hard to resist. All he needs to do is dispose of a few bodies and not ask any questions. Simple, right?

A construction foreman by day, Fowler has access to various sites where burial of the corpses will result in little fuss. However, the waters start to grow murky and quickly. Fowler builds a web…

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