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(Interview) Share the Horror talks haunting tales with Catherine Cavendish — Glenn Rolfe

Catherine Cavendish is the British author of THE PENDLE CURSE, WAKING THE ANCIENTS, and many more. She’s got a thing for Gothic tales and writes a damn near perfect one herself. Her latest release, THE HAUNTING OF HENDERSON CLOSE (Flame Tree Press, Out January 10th!) , adds to her growing legacy of wonderful ghost stories. She […]

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The Boulevard Monster by Jeremy Hepler @JeremyHepler #BloodshotBooks #BookReview #KindleUnlimted #Horror #Occult — BOOKS FROM DUSK TILL DAWN

BOOK DESCRIPTION 2017 Bram Stoker Award Nominee for Superior Achievement in a First Novel! I KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD ABOUT ME… You say that I am a madman. You say that I am dangerous. You say that I am the one who has been abducting women, slaughtering them, and burying their corpses all around […]

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NOCTURNAL READERS BOTCH – The Horror Show with Brian Keene – Ep 185 — Brian Keene

Customer complaints and allegations swirl around the Nocturnal Readers Box subscription service. A hacker group has a message for the horror genre. Gary Freidrich in remembrance. Vicenzo Bilof departs JournalStone. The music of Victoria “Zera” Timpanaro. Dave’s Prog Power report. Matt gets wet. Stephen Kozeniewski and Wesley Southard sign books. Brian and Mary meet Laird…

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KDP Print vs. Createspace

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Happy Birthday Boulevard Monster!


Hard to believe it was a year ago today that my first novel, “The Boulevard Monster,” was released. Over the past year I’ve met hundreds of generous authors and friends alike, gained great insight and opinions, both good and bad, on my writing, had my first in-store readings, book signings, podcast and radio interviews, and guest blog posts; I was also named a Bram Stoker finalist for Superior Achievement in a First Novel. I couldn’t dream of a better debut year. Thanks for all the support to everyone who gave my writing a chance.

Here’s a link for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet and wants to, or has and wants to leave a review.


F*CK YOU, FACEBOOK — Brian Keene

Over the past four months, I’ve watched with dismay as the new Facebook algorithms have pretty much strangled the Brian Keene Facebook Page. There are 10,000+ of you who ‘Like’ that page. These days, thanks to the new algorithms, I’m lucky if 1,000 of you see it. I enjoy interacting with my readers. Unfortunately, Facebook…

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The Boulevard Monster by Jeremy Hepler

Book Review Village

The Boulveard Monster

Genre – Horror/Mixed Genre Fiction

Pages – 302

Publication Date – April 7, 2017 Bloodshot Books

Format – Kindle

Stars – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

First I would like to thank Pete Kahle, owner/publisher of Bloodshot Books and an author in his own right for gifting me a digital copy of this book.

Let me start by saying that I cannot believe that “The Boulevard Monster” by Jeremy Hepler is his first novel. I actually had to go back and double check his bio to make sure. He has authored some short stories but this is indeed his debut. This is one of those rare gems that does not box itself into just one genre, but blends multiple genres into the piece. There are elements of the occult, crime, suspense, psychological thriller and just damn good wordsmanship. I could have easily read this book in one sitting, but I made a conscious decision…

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