Today you can listen to Jay Kay and I discuss and dissect my debut novel published by Pete Kahle’s Bloodshot Books, THE BOULEVARD MONSTER, on the HORROR HAPPENS RADIO SHOW. The live show runs from 3-7 PM EST. A full list of other guests, an estimated timeline, and listening options are in the link below. I had a blast chatting with Jay, and I hope you enjoy the show!

SHARE, SUPPORT & LISTEN to Episode 225 on Tues July 11 from 3-7 PM EST on / also via the TuneIn APP

(Guests and times are tentative)
325: Discussing his debut #horror feature film Safe Place with Filmmaker Nick Hunt
410: Discussing the Fifth Anniversary of Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z with Founder Todd Staruch
450: Discussing his latest horror novel “The Boulevard Monster” through Bloodshot Books with Author Jeremy Hepler
535: Discussing the five year anniversary of the essential perspective on some of the greatest horror minds and the reasons that shapes horror in the book Shock Value with Author Jason Zinoman
620: Discussing his latest film Dig Two Graves with Filmmaker Hunter Adams


Twitter: @horrorhappensrs & @ghostjlk
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