Creating and Building Suspense in Horror Fiction

My Thoughts on Creating and Building Suspense

Shotgun Logic

The Boulevard Monster coverJeremy Hepler is a new to me author, but even though I haven’t read it, I feel confident in recommending his newest novel and telling you it’s almost definitely a good one. The reason for this is simple. It’s from Bloodshot Books, and editor/publisher Pete Kahle is just incapable of producing or curating bad fiction. I’ve read the majority of books in Bloodshot’s body of published work and I’ve never read a book that wasn’t over-the-top fantastic. So yes, I highly recommend THE BOULEVARD MONSTER based on that experience, and I also recommend this entertaining and insightful article he’s written for us here today.  Enjoy.

Creating and Building Suspense in Horror Fiction
By Jeremy Hepler, Author of The Boulevard Monster

Creating and building suspense is one of the most important aspects of writing for horror authors. We all want our reader’s hearts to be pounding as they turn the pages…

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