The Boulevard Monster

I’m excited to announce that my first novel, The Boulevard Monster, will be published by Bloodshot Books sometime in the first half of 2017. I had a short story appear in Bloodshot Books’ anthology, Not Your Average Monster, last year, and I’m thrilled and thankful to be able to work with writer/editor Pete Kahle on another project. Here’s a link to the Bloodshot WordPress and Facebook websites.


The Boulevard Monster started out as a short story a couple of years back, the idea stemming from a mysterious man I crossed paths with at an antique store and a Howe’s Sand and Foundation Company truck that pulled up alongside of me at a stop light in Amarillo, Texas. But after working on the story for a couple of weeks, I realized it was more than the 5000-7000 word shorts I’d been writing, more than what I felt comfortable tackling at the time. So I put it aside, but as time went by, the idea persisted, grew stronger, the characters more vivid and eager, forcing me to pull it back out last year and finish it.

Here’s a teaser:

When forty-four-year-old construction worker Seth Fowler sees a woman’s body in the bed of his best friend’s truck, he assumes it’s a mannequin. A Halloween decoration. A blow-up doll. Anything other than a corpse. But when he touches the woman and looks into her frozen, horrified eyes, his assumptions are proven wrong and he knows he must notify the police. What he doesn’t know is that notifying the police will set in motion a chain of events that could jeopardize the lives of his entire family.

Within twenty-four hours of calling the cops, his best friend’s truck is found abandoned at a nearby lake, and Luther, an ageless, bloodthirsty man with unfathomable powers who is protected by a horde of demented blue jays, hunts Seth down and gives him an ultimatum: take his friend’s place and begin disposing of corpses in exchange for a wealthy sum of money, or he and his family will die.

Unsure of the depth of Luther’s wrath and capabilities, Seth gives in to Luther’s demands. But how long can he hide the truth from his family and the police? What horrific choices and sacrifices is he willing to make to protect his family? And can he avoid becoming a monster himself? 

I will post updates about the cover and book release as they become available.


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