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A Great review of Chad Lutzke’s Of Foster Homes and Flies— Horror Novel Reviews

Written by Paula Limbaugh What a title… Of Foster Homes and Flies, as soon as I saw it my curiosity was piqued. Foster homes, flies, what exactly is Chad Lutzke writing about? Well, obviously I had to read it otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this review. This is Denny Christopher Newman’s story and oh, what […]

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Brett McBean’s THE AWAKENING, thThe Awakening Covere first Second Sight release from Bloodshot Books is up for preorder on Kindle!!

If you enjoyed THE INVASION, THE MOTHER, TORMENT, or any of his other books, you will love this coming-of-age tale of insidious horror.


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Pimp a Friend Friday: John Boden — A Broken Laptop

1983: A boy and his little brother wander through a loosely stitched summer. A summer full of sun and surrealism, Lessons of loss and love. Of growing up and figuring it out. Nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania is a small town, it’s not like the others. Things are strange there- people die but […]

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FAREWELL (But Not Really) – The Second Wave — Brian Keene

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I have two new novels, PRESSURE and THE COMPLEX, on sale right now. Click on the cover images above to purchase one or both. I’m on the second leg of a cross-country tour to promote these.…

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“How Much Do You Hate?” – Bloodshot Books to reprint The Frighteners by Stephen Laws


If you’ve been following me here, you are also probably aware that one of my main visions for Bloodshot Books is to seek out and reprint any novels of horror that are no longer in print, or never received the exposure they deserved stateside.
I’ve already announced that the first book in our Second Sight line will be THE AWAKENING by Brett McBean, which is due out mid-August. I’m not just twiddling my thumbs here, though. In the past couple of months, I have been actively identifying other authors who I feel deserve to be more widely known by the current generation of horror fans.
Thus, I’m thoroughly ecstatic to announce that I have cajoled, wheedled, and somehow convinced Stephen Laws to sign on with us. Sometime in the next 6-8 months, we will be reprinting the 25th Anniversary edition of his novel THE FRIGHTENERS, a novel which…

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Say hello to our newest author, Tom Deady


As many of you know, I have an ongoing Open Call for original horror novels. The submission deadline is June 30th, so there is still over 5 weeks to get something to me (hint, hint).
To date I have received over 40 submissions, but one in particular stood out from the beginning. I immediately requested to see the whole novel, and when I finished it a couple of weeks ago, I knew that I wanted to publish it.

Please give a big congratulations to Tom Deady. We have chosen his novel ETERNAL DARKNESS to join the Bloodshot family.

Tom’s first novel HAVEN is due out this fall from Cemetery Dance, and we will follow soon after around the turn of the year.

Read more about Tom on his website:

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A Scold of Blue Jays is on the horizon


author picPlease join me in congratulating Jeremy Hepler.

Today he signed the contract (in blood, of course) to publish his debut novel THE BOULEVARD MONSTER next spring with Bloodshot Books.

As Tom Deady‘s story did earlier in the open call, Jeremy’s novel stood out from the pack.

Here’s a little teaser for you all:

“When forty-four-year-old construction worker Seth Fowler sees a woman’s body in the bed of his best friend’s truck, he assumes it’s a mannequin. A Halloween decoration. A blow-up doll. Anything other than a corpse. But when he touches the woman and looks into her frozen, horrified eyes, his assumptions are proven wrong and he knows he must notify the police. What he doesn’t know is that notifying the police will set in motion a chain of events that could jeopardize the lives of his entire family.

Within twenty-four hours of calling the cops, his best…

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